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Nathanael Burgess

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I'm a self-taught artist from Rhode Island. I've been painting for almost 15 years.

My favorite medium is acrylic paint.

I always drew a lot when I was young, but didn't do too much with art as I grew up. Then, when I was in my early twenties, my brother and I turned our apartment into a "mural". We painted the walls, ceiling, cabinets, furniture, and appliances with bright colors and strange patterns. After that I started painting on canvases.

Most of my early paintings were influenced by psychedelics. Now they're influenced by a variety of spiritual concepts.

College Collections had been following me on Instagram for a little while, and then, totally unrelated, Eddie Carroll came to my house to buy a drafting table from my girlfriend. We made the connection and he took 4 of my paintings to the new store. Then I joined College Collections.

I don't really have a greatest achievement as an artist yet, I just love it.

My dream for the future is to own a studio/gallery.

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